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Congrats, you’re getting married!

We love providing donuts for weddings and special events. We are excited to help celebrate your big day! We offer a white glove donut experience just for you.

Before you call or email here are a few FAQ’s to be aware of:

Q: What is the “white glove donut experience?”

A: Our “white glove donut experience” means selecting the best-looking donuts and carefully
boxing them up (9 donuts per box), so they can be transported safely for your event. 

Q: How many come in a box?

     A: 9 donuts per box

Q: Why not 12 donuts, like normal?

     A: We put 9 in a box ONLY for weddings or special events so that the donuts don’t touch each other and thus ruin the glaze. Ruined glaze makes us sad.

Q: How much is a box of 9 donuts?

     A: $15 (excludes apple fritters) and they get all the white glove treatment!

Q: When should I order?

     A: You can order as early as you’d like, but we need at least a 2-week minimum to prepare and
organize our kitchen accordingly.

Q: What if my event is less than 2 weeks away?

A: No problem! You can order normal pre-dozens here for next day pick-up:

Q: How many donuts can I order?

     A: 9 donuts per box

Q: How many donuts can I order?

A: We can provide up to 20 boxes per event (9 donuts per box = 180 total donuts)

Q: What’s the minimum amount that we can order

     A: The minimum amount you can special order is 4 boxes (3 dozen or 36 donuts)

Q: Can you color match for my color palette?

     A: YES! If you do a color match order, it’s an additional $2 per box. They are $17/box instead of

Q: What if I don’t need special donuts, color matching or the white glove experience and want 12 to a

     A: You can order normal pre-dozens here:

Q: Can you deliver?

     A: Unfortunately, we can’t deliver. Our driver is already maxed out on their time delivering donuts to
our locations, so we are unable to offer delivery services for our special orders at this time.

Q: Can pick up my donuts?

     A: Yes! Special orders can only be picked up from our Broadway or PSU location.

Q: Can you also provide coffee for my event?

     A: Yes, we’d love to provide coffee! Our donuts pair best with our house-roasted coffee! A carafe of
coffee is $26 and offers about (12) 8oz cups + all the fixings (creamers, sugars, cups and stir sticks)

Coco Donuts for weddings and special events
Coco Donuts Wall of Donuts for Weddings and Special Events

* Pickup during normal business hours

All dozens are Baker's Choice: a mixed variety with no more than four of a kind in a single box.
Regular Assorted Dozen includes any donut except for premium (Cinnamon Roll, The Signature Coco, Apple Fritter).

White Glove Assorted Box ($15)

Custom Color Box ($17)

Coffee Carafe is 90oz and comes with creamer, sugars, cups, stirrers. A great addition for office meetings and events up to 10 cups.

Coffee Carafe ($26)