Thank you for your interest in placing a pre-order for donuts or 90oz coffee carafes.

Please call your closest location to get started.  Please order with a minimum of one day advanced notice (orders must be received by 5 P.M. the day prior to pickup).

All dozens are Baker’s Choice: a mixed variety with no more than four of a kind in a single box. Price per dozen is $16.

Regular Assorted Dozen includes any donut except for premium (Cinnamon Roll, The Signature Coco, Apple Fritter).

Premium Dozens include up to 4 premium donuts for $18 per dozen.

House Roasted Coffee Carafe is 90oz and comes with creamer, sugars, cups, stirrers. A great addition for office meetings and events up to 10 cups.

Depending on demand, we could have limited availability.

If you are interested in ordering donuts for your wedding, please visit our wedding page.