OUR COFFEE divider Roasted Quality Coffee In-House

We have broken down the traditional barrier of donut shops’ non-existent coffee programs by roasting our own coffee and providing high quality craft drinks. Our team is devoted to crafting coffee beverages to meet the demands of Portland’s expectation of what good coffee should taste like, especially when enjoyed with donuts.

Coco Donuts is, and will always be, a handcrafted classic donut company at its core. Along with that, we’ve been in the pursuit of providing our customers with the highest quality coffee Portland has to offer. We cultivate relationships directly with coffee farmers and co-ops around the world to select, roast and offer some of the best specialty coffee in Portland. This enables us to offer an extensive coffee program featuring many wonderful coffees rotated throughout the week and as new harvests arrive.


Enjoy the Coco Donuts experience with our house roasted coffee.

We roast each coffee varietal to its peak development to reveal the coffee’s natural complexity, sweetness and clarity. This process lends to great tasting coffee, whether enjoyed at Coco Donuts or in your home.